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Exclusive Frames that we Offer

our office left 300×169I-Topian Optical carries exclusive frame lines such as: Maybach, Barton Perreira, Ogani, Chrome Hearts, Lindberg Precious, Lindberg Titanium, Oakley, Tag Heuer, Maui Jim, TD Tom Davies, Fred, Caviar, Frost, Sospiri, Face a Face, Etnia and Zero G. This is a World-Class offering that caters to those who appreciate the finer details in life and want to see as well as possible.

I-Topian Optical clients benefit from unique world-wide relationships that allow us to order custom Maybach, Ogani, Lindberg Precious, TD Tom Davies, Frost and Sospiri frames to name a few. This ensures the best possible pair of glasses are possible in any size or shape. If you want it; we can have it built to your exacting standards.

They utilize the finest materials, such as surgical grade titanium, leather, exotic wood and hand-polished buffalo horn, just to name a few. Many of our frames are made from the most precious metals, such as gold and platinum and may be adorned with Swarovski crystals, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more.

  • We carry a large variety of top designer frames for both eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  • Customize your glasses to perfectly fit your face, your style and for the first time ever….your active lifestyle!
  • Sunlight reflecting off of smooth water, snow or flat roads can create glare which is not only annoying, but can often be dangerous.
  • Eyeglasses are more popular today than ever, despite the availability of contact lenses and vision correction surgery.
  • Whether or not you require vision correction, sunglasses can add an element of comfort and enhanced performance to your activities, while helping you look great.
  • Get tips on caring for your lenses and frames and learn about the benefits of bifocals, progressives, high index lenses and prescription sunglasses.
  • Sports glasses, Protective eyewear, SCUBA diving... we can help you with glasses for your specific needs.
  • Today’s eyeglass lens treatments make a real difference in what you see, and what you don’t see. Scratches, glare, ultraviolet rays—all are potential hazards to healthy sight that can be minimized or eliminated by a lens treatment.
  • Transitions® Lenses Optical, Inc. has developed the world's most advanced photochromic lens technology—the ability of a lens to darken in the presence of invisible UV light.  Transitions® Lenses are the #1 brand of photochromic lenses recommended by eye care professionals worldwide.
  • Help your child choose eyewear that suits their lifestyle. The right frame and lens will help them in school, work and at play.
  • Visit our interactive on-line tool and we'll guide you through a series of questions about you, your lifestyle and your specific eyewear needs to help you choose the glasses that are right for you!