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See The World in a Whole New Way!
Customize your glasses to perfectly fit your face, your style and for the first time ever….your active lifestyle! LenSync completely re-invents what you can expect from customized glasses with a lens created for your favorite sports and activities – not just your prescription. Love playing Golf? Get personalized glasses to up your game. Prefer relaxing out on your Yacht? We have the perfect lens for that too.

Everyday Use 300x225

Everyday Use

The perfect lens!

LenSync graphic e1531766429285

Fully Customizable Lens

By thickness, color, coating, design and frame.

The Boater 300x225

The Boater

A lens design that maximizes the ability to see the electronics, tie a fly, read the charts or see what is off in the horizon while providing the curve necessary for comfortable boating. Lenses can also be designed for fishing, sailing or cruising that can change color to match the amount of sunlight.

The Driver 360x268 e1531766165152

The Driver

A lens design to maximize the ability to see the open road while also seeing the dashboard. The ability to see the widest distance viewing area is paramount to a great driving lens design while also allowing the ability to read small details when necessary.

The Golfer 300x225

The Golfer

A lens that allows for natural vision when driving, chipping or putting. A custom golf lens where the “sweet spot” is designated for where you see the golf ball while striking or putting and being able to read the score card or order lunch at the turn.

The Reader 300x225

The Reader

Custom lenses that have a reading area designed specifically for aging eyes to maximize the reading while also ensuring the computer distance also provides natural vision. Designed for add power of +2.50 or higher.