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Richard Wrosch

Vicky Smith

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The only thing that is better than their products is their customer service.


If you're looking for exceptional products, then this is the place to go. I have been wearing glasses for almost 20 years and never had pair that fit my face in the style that I liked.

- Craig Astrin - Patient

I  just received my Rx glasses and Sunglasses from Eyetopian Optical and they look incredible.


Craig and Kelly are the best in the business, the service and the attention is is one of the best in the industry. if you need glasses this is the place to go, they have a great selection of designers glasses and they will be able to help you select the right lens for your prescription. Thank you Eyetopian

- Axel Soler - Patient

I would highly recommend the great people at Eyetopian to anyone that needs new glasses.


I just recently purchased two new pairs of sunglasses from Eyetopian, it has become the only place I even consider purchasing eye wear from. The staff always recognizes me and is extremely polite.

- John Huntsinger - Patient

I had an eye exam by Dr. Angela Kaplan and did not need glasses but wanted them any way.


Since my parents own the most amazing eyewear store in the world and they rescue dogs it is my favorite store. Please stop in to see the dogs for adoption and the wonderful glasses from around the world. They are so cool and fun. Thanks for reading my post.

- Chasnov - Patient

So glad I strolled in during my vacation!!


Excellent selection, excellent advice, excellent service, excellent end product and an overall excellent experience!!!!! Ended up purchasing 2 new pairs of frames that I would never have found in Upstate New York! Could not be happier!

- Suzanne Schmitz Laese - Patient

Have bought multiple pairs for glasses from Eyetopian.


Large and unique selection - best in town!

- Peter Hertel - Patient